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Renewable Energy Potential and Disinformation


Are you burdened about our energy disaster? It's no wonder, given the amount of disinformation that is being pedaled by way of Republica...

Are you burdened about our energy disaster? It's no wonder, given the amount of disinformation that is being pedaled by way of Republicans and those with a vested interest in oil, coal and nuclear power. What they need you to consider is that sun and wind cannot update our cutting-edge power sources. John McCain repeated these lies in his current debate with Barack Obama. Their calls of drill child drill are absurd and deceptive. For instance, the quantity of oil reserves predicted to exist off California's coast are 10 billion barrels. The U.S. Consumes approximately 7.Five billion barrels in line with yr. So what they are advocating is risking the long time fitness of the coastal surroundings, in alternate for approximately 16 months really worth of oil.

Republicans had been taking Senator Pelosi to undertaking for no longer citing a vote, on offshore drilling. Meanwhile, Republicans have voted towards renewing the tax credit for sun and wind 8 instances this yr. Talk approximately shortsightedness! As T. Boone Pickens says, whether or not we drill or no longer, "this argument misses the point." It's a band-resource at satisfactory. The U.S. Simplest has three% of the world's oil supply. We devour 25% of the deliver.

What is needed is long time energy solutions. Here is what they don't need you to recognize. Using less than 1% of our southwest wilderness lands, sun electricity flora should energy the entire u . S .. This is an area 92 miles with the aid of 92 miles, an area which is less than the land now used for coal mining. The January 08 problem of Scientific American featured an editorial called "A Solar Grand Plan", a proposal, (which you could read on line) to do simply that. Their notion would create a sixty nine% sun powered grid with the aid of 2050.
You can study it on line at Scientific American internet site

It proposes constructing solar thermal and concentrating photovoltaic strength flowers, in our southwestern deserts, and a community of high voltage DC transmission strains to distribute the energy to different parts of the united states. This HVDC distribution gadget is the identical thing that T Boone Pickens is recommending to move wind generated strength from Texas, and from windfarms within the midwest, to the relaxation of the u . S .. This could have the delivered benefit of beefing up the grid, some thing this is wanted anyway.

Current questioning is that solar thermal ought to be emphasised greater than the concentrating photovoltaic plant life that the SciAm article emphasizes.

There is no scarcity of suitable ideas obtainable. At setamericafree.Org, you may discover any other plan referred to as "A Blueprint for U.S. Energy Security".

This plan shows how we are able to achieve energy protection and meet the desires of lowering the threat of worldwide warming, the usage of modern-day technology to get started out. As we construct, the technology will improve and the fees will enhance.

One issue this plan calls for is plug in hybrid automobiles, (PHEV) which would attain an average 100 mpg for the average driving force. Most humans drive much less than forty miles an afternoon, cummuting and so on. With cutting-edge battery era you will use no gasoline for the first forty miles in a PHEV. Most humans might recharge at night when demand is low via plugging right into a 120 volt outlet, the usage of approximately $1 worth of energy to recharge. As the grid receives cleaner, the environmental advantages will enhance. Plug in Partners has appropriate information on PHEVs, which includes cost benefits.

From their web page:
"A motorist riding 9,000 annual gas-loose miles and 3,000 using gas would get 100 mpg (primarily based on cars that get 25 mpg).

PHEVs outfitted with a battery % imparting a forty-mile electric variety may want to energy, the use of the all-electric mode, extra than 60% of the total annual miles traveled by way of the average American driving force.
A 2004 take a look at by way of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) located that plug-in hybrids can achieve lifestyles cycle prices parity with conventional fuel cars - which means that over the lifestyles of the automobile the value could be identical or much less in spite of the preliminary higher fee. The observe calculated gasoline fee as $1.75/gallon."

Once the grid is easy electricity, it may electricity plenty of our transportation as properly. At that point, electric powered cars will make perfect feel and we will have had greater time, to perfect the technology. If you study these two plans, you may see that they have got a great deal in not unusual. By combining the satisfactory ideas of those and different similar plans, we will get the process finished.

Another electricity plan that still has a whole lot in commonplace with those are at:

Those in electricity need you to believe that these answers may be too steeply-priced. Nothing may be further from the reality. For example, the sun inspiration published by way of SciAm requires spending about $four hundred billion in public cash, over a length of about 40 years. This is much less public money, than we spent to construct the high pace statistics dual carriageway during the last 35 years. And that is approximately how plenty we provide to grease groups, inside the shape of tax credits and subsidies, each five years. So by spending about 1/eight of what we now give away to oil corporations, we ought to strength the whole country with sun energy in the southwest.

As in addition evidence that we're misinformed, maximum Americans possibly haven't even heard of sun thermal electricity. Solar thermal strength flora use the warmth from the sun to generate power, usually with the aid of boiling water to pressure a steam turbine generator. This is so low tech that we could have done it a hundred years ago. If you could construct parabolic mirrors or Fresnel lenses to pay attention sunlight, and if you could build a steam pushed electric powered generator, you could build a solar thermal energy plant. In fact a few designs use flat mirrors. Solar thermal flora can generate power at night time or at some point of cloudy intervals by means of storing warmness. One technique makes use of molten salts, which can be amazing at preserving warmth. Their energy output can continue to be consistent when clouds pass through. The scale of these vegetation is within the loads of megawatts. Two flora proposed for the Mojave Desert are for as much as 800 and 900 megawatts every.

One gigawatt equals 1000 megawatts. One gigawatt could power San Francisco or approximately 770,000 homes.

An tremendous article on sun thermal and it's benefits is at:

"The key characteristic of CSP is that it generates primary strength in the shape of warmth, which can be saved 20 to 100 instances more cheaply than electricity -- and with a long way greater performance"

"I don't believe any set of technology could be extra important to the weather fight than focused solar energy (CSP).....It is the pleasant supply of easy energy to update coal and sustain financial development. I guess that it's going to supply more energy every yr this century than coal with carbon capture and garage - for an awful lot less cash and with far much less environmental damage."

The daylight may be intensified 1000 fold with concentrating sun.
They do want excessive sunlight to be price powerful, subsequently the emphasis on the southwest. With 1% of the Sahara Desert, you may electricity the entire international with contemporary technology. 3% of Morroco might power all of Europe. Green Wombat's website has many articles on solar strength flora being built or at the drawing boards in California and Arizona. The 3 power companies in California have already signed on for about 3 gigawatts of solar electricity flowers. About 2 gigawatts of this is sun thermal. It's simply the start.

Concentrating PV or photovoltaic plants use similar parabolic mirrors, fresnel lenses and so forth. To concentrate sunlight on photovoltaic solar cells or panels. Specialized solar cells which could take gain of the extended mild are used.

"I'd placed my money on the solar & solar power. What a source of strength! I wish we do not have to wait till oil and coal run out before we tackle that."
Thomas Edison, 1931

Republicans preserve pushing nuclear strength, claiming it's miles a simple solution and good for the environment. I do not rule out nuclear energy altogether, however it has severa issues, and isn't always as green as it's promoters declare.

One of nuclear's largest issues is water. It takes billions of gallons to chill a single reactor. We are already seeing one potential problems with this. A reactor in Alabama needed to be in brief close down closing summer time during a drought in that vicinity. How dependable will the sources of cooling water be in a changing weather?

"An Associated Press analysis of the kingdom's 104 nuclear reactors discovered that 24 are in regions experiencing the most severe stages of drought. All but two are constructed on the shorelines of lakes and rivers and rely upon submerged intake pipes to draw billions of gallons of water to be used in cooling and condensing steam after it has became the flowers' generators."

Every nuclear electricity plant will require approximately $500 million to dismantle it, when it has outlived it is beneficial lifestyles. This provides to the nuclear waste disposal problem.

Every nuclear reactor represents about $2 hundred million for it is share of Yucca Mt. In Nevada, to eliminate the waste.

Nuclear power doesn't deliver us electricity independence. We import sixty five% of our oil and ninety% of our uranium. And now Russia is being coated up as a future source of 20% of our uranium.

"The United States and Russia signed a deal to be able to raise Russian uranium imports to supply the U.S. Nuclear enterprise, the Commerce Department said Friday...."
"The new settlement lets in Russia to supply 20 percentage of US reactor gas till 2020 and to supply the gas for brand new reactors quota-free."
"So if, below a President McCain, we build a bunch of new nuclear reactors -- they will be fueled one hundred percentage by using Russi

Nuclear strength is not safe. According to Argonne National Laboratory, an airliner crashing into a nuclear energy plant ought to reason a complete meltdown, although the containment building isn't always compromised. Think the dual towers disaster turned into terrible?

The greater nuclear reactors are construct everywhere in the world, the extra fissionable material there may be, which may be stolen by way of terrorists and used towards us. Just look at the concern over Iran's nuclear program. How typically may also this type of situation be performed out if nuclear energy proliferates everywhere in the global?

The transportation of radioactive waste from all around the u . S . To Yucca Mt. Is probably risky, as well as highly-priced.

"In the USA, cutting-edge surcharges on nuclear electricity are too low to cowl predicted disposal fees. In addition, america authorities foolishly absorbed all risk for an on-time opening of a repository for commercial nuclear waste -- no matter longstanding technical and political demanding situations related to making this manifest." from eoearth.Org

There is not any responsibility with nuclear electricity. The Price-Anderson Act locations most of the legal responsibility for nuclear accidents at the backs of taxpayers, now not the nuclear strength enterprise.

A nuclear electricity plant charges approximately $4,000 per kilowatt hour to construct, in comparison with $1,four hundred in line with KWH for wind power.

Wind and sun are tons quicker to stand up and going for walks than nuclear or coal. And each can begin generating energy before large wind or sun farms are finished, due to the fact they are modular in design.

Nuclear power is heavily subsidised, like coal, gas, and oil. Estimates are four-eight cents consistent with KWH

If you want to realize extra, study "The Lean Guide to Nuclear Energy" pdf on-line. It's a actual eye opener.

From "The Lean Guide to Nuclear Energy" -which takes aside the argument for nuclear power piece by using piece. After analyzing this you'll recognize, that what you've got been told approximately nuclear energy thus far, is absolutely misleading. It isn't always a long term solution, in any way shape or shape. It is inherently unsustainable. Unsustainability isn't always what we are looking for.

"The world's endowment of uranium ore is now so depleted that the nuclear industry will in no way, from its personal resources, be capable of generate the power it needs to resolve its personal backlog of waste."

"Shortages of uranium - and the dearth of sensible options -leading to interruptions in deliver, can be expected to begin in the middle years of the last decade 2010-2019, and to deepen thereafter."

"Every stage within the nuclear system, except fission, produces carbon dioxide. As the richest ores are used up, emissions will upward push.

"It is affordable to conclude that,despite the fact that the nuclear industry offered no different issues, "top uranium" could rule out the prospect of the nuclear enterprise being in any way an answer to "top oil", and to scarcities of gas and coal."

"Nuclear power surely has hazards, quite other than the clincher trouble of the depletion of its fuel. It is a source of low-level radiation which can be more dangerous than changed into formerly idea. It is a source of excessive-degree waste which has to be sequestered. Every stage inside the technique produces deadly waste, together with the mining and leaching procedures, the milling, the enrichment and the decommissioning. It could be very costly. It is a terrorist target and its enrichment procedures are stepping stones to the manufacturing of nuclear weapons."

Wind and solar can provide maximum of the power for our destiny energy desires. They by no means need any gas, to prospect for, mine, shipping, refine, store, burn, combat wars over, or smooth up the mess from. It's our destiny. Oil and other fossil fuels will most effective go up in price. The charge of sun is falling speedy and will quickly be less expensive than fossil fuels. The American Wind Energy Association forecasts that established capacity ought to grow from 11,603 MW nowadays to round one hundred,000 MW by way of 2020. That's 100 gigawatts, or a almost ninety gigawatt growth. Hoover Dam produces about 2 gigawatts, as does a medium length nuclear reactor. Many nuclear flora are one gigawatt. So inside the next twelve years we could get as tons energy from new wind farms as McCain's plan for forty five new nuclear vegetation might achieve, at much less value and way much less threat. And it is simply wind!

Solar can do greater. Add photovoltaic panels on rooftops and so forth. Everywhere in the u . S . A . To the solar flowers within the southwest and you've both allotted and centralized solar power on a vast scale. Denmark already has 20% wind electricity. Parts of Germany and Denmark have forty% wind power. We are told that wind and sun are too intermittent. Why isn't always that a problem in Denmark. Could it be because they haven't any oil employer lobby?

That's why we ought to start constructing up this new power infrastructure now. As we construct, the charges will fall. Photovoltaics have become more efficient and inexpensive to make. Economies of scale will kick in as these industries develop, in addition reducing costs.

One agency on the slicing area, Nanosolar, says their skinny movie PV sun structures may be built for less than the value of a similar coal fired plant, with out the need for any coal or another gas. They are promoting their sun systems as answers for individual towns. They say ten acres on the outskirts of town would strength 1,000 homes, twenty acres- 2,000 homes.

In many elements of the united states sun expenses are already aggressive, throughout hours of height demand, whilst charges are better. This is mainly so in sunny areas that also have high strength charges. Also, solar vegetation put out electricity while it's miles maximum wanted and whilst charges are the best. At the ones top fees, solar is already aggressive.

We can't have the funds for to attend. Oil is ruining our financial system and our surroundings. SetAmericaFree estimates the once a year hidden charges of oil, consisting of the subsidies stated above, at over $800 billion. If these expenses were contemplated in charges at the pump, gas would be close to $12 a gallon. Their estimate of oil and gas organization tax credit and subsidies is over $80 billion annually. The mililtary expenses of defensive oil shipments are anticipated at $one hundred billion annually. And oil provides $700 billion annually to our alternate deficit, typically with international locations we do not get along side. Throw in the expenses of the 2 wars in Iraq in both lives and money and oil begins to look pretty steeply-priced.

McCain desires to give $four billion greater in tax credit to grease organizations. Exxon/Mobile made $40 billion in profits final yr, and the top 5 corporations made a mixed $123 billion. We are subsidizing the past, while we need to be subsidizing the future.

Our lack of political will to broaden renewable energy in the U.S. Threatens to place us in a position, of gambling catch up with different manufacturers.

Green Wombat comments of Abu Dhabi solar project and Torresol ambitions in U.S. Southwest.

"Abu Dhabi isn't always content material to just sell you the oil that fuels your SUV; now its going to promote you sunshine to preserve your lighting fixtures on and electricity your electric vehicle whilst the inner combustion engine goes the manner of the buggy whip. Masdar, the oil-wealthy emirate's $15 billion renewable power task, and Spanish era business enterprise Sener on Wednesday announced a joint venture called Torresol Energy to construct large-scale solar strength plant life in Australia, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the USA."

(They are targeting the same American southwest, in which the authors of the Solar Grand Plan inspiration are encouraging America to make investments.)

"The irony is too rich to go away unsaid: A leading oil producer invests billions in carbon-loose strength even as a main patron of fossil fuels - the USA - continues to subsidize Big Oil whilst while imparting only tepid support for green generation."

"It is inevitable that climate trade will foster the upward push of renewable power - the simplest query is which international locations and companies will make the most of the new electricity economics. It is completely viable that the U.S. Will change strength dependence of one kind - on Middle East oil - for every other - on Middle East and European solar generation - within the era of world warming. It's no coincidence that most of the solar energy organizations with contracts to build utility-scale electricity plant life in California and the Southwest have distant places roots - Ausra hails from Australia, BrightSource changed into based through American-Israeli pioneer Arnold Goldman, Solel is based totally in Israel and Abengoa is established in Spain."

from the notion in the Scientific American article:

"The greatest impediment to enforcing a renewable U.S. Strength device isn't era or cash, however. It is the lack of public awareness that sun electricity is a realistic alternative-and one that could gasoline transportation as properly. Forward-looking thinkers have to try to inspire U.S. Citizens, and their political and scientific leaders, approximately solar power's great potential. Once Americans recognise that capacity, we believe the desire for power self-sufficiency and the need to lessen carbon dioxide emissions will prompt them to undertake a national sun plan".

My name is Richard Mercer. I have spent probably a thousand hours studying climate trade and electricity solutions. I am no longer a scientist or electricity expert, but feel that I even have statistics that the common uninformed American needs to understand. My blog is called Energy Solutions We Can Believe In - Google it!


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Technology news4u: Renewable Energy Potential and Disinformation
Renewable Energy Potential and Disinformation
Technology news4u
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