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Technology Topics for Think Tanks and Radio Responses for Listeners Debated


Welcome radio listeners and on line article readers. In fact, welcome everybody now not only to this program however also to the destiny. Te...

Welcome radio listeners and on line article readers. In fact, welcome everybody now not only to this program however also to the destiny. Technology is changing the way we stay every and every day in very profound ways. It is likewise constantly rearranging the unfastened-market with disruptive technology inflicting demanding situations for reputation quo antique corporations, employment, and it's difficult for the faculties and universities to preserve up with this era, because it seems they may be continually teaching and education people to do closing yr's jobs.

Therefore, inside the future those folks who've paid $one hundred,000 in pupil loans won't even be running in the ones fields wherein they were given their stages. Statistically that has been the case, but it is going to be even extra so within the future. Okay so, that is what this program is set these days in this twenty third day of October 2012 - how the future technology will exchange everything.

The policies are simple; I communicate, you concentrate. Then after half-hour I will open up the smartphone lines, or in case you are analyzing this text on line you could put up a comment beneath. The first topic of the day is;

1.) Google's Dominance and Disruption to the Newspaper Industry

Indeed, I agree with it become Larry Page of Google who mentioned that the newspaper enterprise's days are numbered. He stated that there might not be newspapers in the future; this is published phrases on paper being delivered to your doorstep. He become predicting the demise of newspapers, and he did are expecting while it'd take place, he stated it may take place in some years, or perhaps even a decade, but they wouldn't exist within the destiny. Few should deny what he become saying, and whilst he made that commonplace some years ago the newspapers were shedding, merging, or surely going out of commercial enterprise.

Some newspapers have found that they are able to set up pay walls to make extra money, and perhaps the era we speak approximately as tablet computers has at the least assist them in that regard where humans can take their newspaper with them on the go, and examine it on-line for a few bucks a month or week. This is labored well for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and different famous and properly read newspapers. But it would not appear to be running for all the neighborhood newspapers, even though a few who have a stranglehold on their local marketplace are doing okay with pay partitions as nicely.

Then once more, why could all of us pay to view a newspaper on-line while they could go to Google News, surf the news and get statistics from everywhere in the planet, possibly even better information, or articles which have been downloaded from the Associated Press into local newspapers. Often lots of these tales we read on the other facet of these pay walls is nothing extra than regurgitated Associated Press information anyway. Thus, one must ask; why have to we pay?

An article on ARS Technica titled; "Brazilian press to Google News: pay up or depart our content by myself - Google says being told to pay is like, "taxing a taxi driver for taking tourists to eat." By Megan Geuss on October 21, 2012 turned into curious. The same component has been happening in France, and other places and it seems that they may be looking to get Google tripped up in copyright regulation. You have to realize that copyright law is different in Europe and possibly in Brazil and different locations. In the United States we have "Fair Use" case law on the books which appears to allow at the least a paragraph and reference to a brand new story.

Google has been pretty good at sending traffic primarily based on this "fair use precept" with links to the real article, this is if you need to examine more. Sometimes humans don't, and perhaps this is what the Brazilian press is concerned about. People just read the first paragraph, and headline, and then they do not need to study the newspaper, buy the newspaper, or pay to head past the pay wall of that business enterprise online. These companies trust it's far hurting sales, but in fact Google might be assisting them much greater than it is hurting them. Shouldn't the newspapers all over the world get with this system and get into the twenty first century?

The fact is that repute quo industries die tough, and they fight to the stop using their power to propel their political will onto the marketplace. However, with out a innovation all and sundry is left again in the Stone Age, and that means we can also as well be reading our text on chiseled stone, or difficult to get parchment paper. The printing press changed the arena, and now it is changing once more, it's time to stand up with this system, and revel in the trillions of pages on-line from anything new supply they arrive from. If those Brazilian newspapers wish to restrict what their readers read and be their sole supply of information this is alternatively self-serving.

Further, the mass media has frequently attempted to manipulate the minds of the humans, and consequently has absolute manage over the politics of the society and civilization. Obviously they do not desire to lose that, and who could blame them, strength is addictive. We recognise that from our very own politics, and we actually comprehend it from human records. There aren't any differences from what I can see. Of course, one ought to say that each one of this Internet flow of records includes only a few gems, and lots of it's miles just a barrage of statistics pollutants. Speaking of pollutants permit's transfer gears and speak about real pollution and some new technology for moment shall we?

2.) Better Local Pollution Emissions Technology

Recently, the AQMD in Southern California had complained that pollutants degrees had extended. But where became all this pollution coming from? Well, it turned into coming from a number of resources, one-of-a-kind kinds of pollutants interacting. Some of that, 1% of the pollutants in the surroundings in California has blown throughout the entire Pacific ocean from China. China says it is not their pollutants because they're making merchandise to ship to America, therefore it's far truely America's pollutants, consequently america should not whinge.

Indeed, China is using coal-fired vegetation to generate strength frequently without the smooth coal era which they now have to be had to them if they wish to shop for it from Germany, or in a few instances they've already copied it and hooked up themselves. You must love the Chinese when it comes to proprietary information, they don't appear to have any moral know-how of ways that works, possibly due to the fact their society went for hundreds of years copying every different, and that they expect that in case you were a chum, or a fellow farmer you'll proportion your secrets and techniques and cultivation technology with them.

Indeed, at some stage in the Communist intervals they also shared era, and they did not have patent law or highbrow belongings rights. Their culture is much unique this regard and it is been hard for them to grasp this concept, but on the other hand there also are companies which know the policies, but flagrantly violate them to turn a massive profit. Now then, again to the pollutants problem in Southern California. It changed into additionally cited by means of the University of Riverside that tons of the pollution inside the LA basin was coming from now not best the plane at the airport at LAX, however additionally from the ships bringing products into port Los Angeles and Long Beach port.

These massive shipment ships would get in long traces bringing, and while ready in line idle their smoky and sooty diesel engines, ready to dump their containers from Asia, ordinarily China. Those huge diesel engines do no longer have pollutants manage devices on them like our modern day trucks and cars. They spew pollution into the environment and at some point of the ones foggy days it'd integrate with water vapor and different pollutants caused by nearby surface transportation, refineries, and factories. These combinations make a wicked unpleasant searching surroundings blocking out the stunning blue sky. To top it off, the trains which are often capable of permit for more pollution (antique guidelines for rail) could select up those packing containers and take them throughout the u . S . A .. Because lots of those shipment ships couldn't get thru the Panama Canal as they're so large, they drop off the packing containers and then they go by using rail the rest of the u . S . A ..

Containers going regionally in California or close by states will often soar on intermodal vans for some of the gap, and those trucks add traffic to our freeways and smog to the surroundings as well. Now then, Gizmag had an thrilling article; "New software improves dimension of greenhouse fuel emissions," via Antonio Pasolini posted on October 22, 2012. These new technologies together with the software program can assist us understand wherein the smog is surely coming from. My question is what occurs whilst the EPA receives a preserve of this, and starts going after precise groups, and industries with this new understanding?

It's not that we don't want to lessen pollutants, no one needs to breathe dirty air, but this will throw new regulations and policies and as a substitute staunch enforcement on industries which formerly haven't had to address it. One could say they've been polluting all long, it's time they forestall. Surely, but if we clamp down on them too speedy, we can disrupt the deliver chain, boost consumer prices, and must cope with multiplied wholesale inflation on everything that we purchase. So this technology helps us recognize our environment and the actual emissions into the ecosystem from human interest, but it is also pretty disruptive due to the fact the regulatory authority, specially the EPA knows no bounds.

Of direction, then we can get into troubles with union lobbyists, and huge businesses who do now not wish to comply with onerous EPA regulations and they will tell all of us that if the EPA does not knock it off, they'll lay off workers. That may want to harm the economy as properly, and consequently they may move after little groups in preference to the large companies, consequently creating boundaries to entry in numerous industries, or the EPA should require new pollution manipulate gadgets which would be too high-priced for small companies, therefore the bigger businesses will live to tell the tale, and the small groups which give competition growing decrease costs for customers will move the manner facet.

Indeed the whole lot is interrelated, the advection fog that we see for the duration of the "June Gloom" off the coast of California, that fog mixes with the pollutants and it heats up in a temperature inversion undertaking in the LA basin. Throw in some X-flares and solar maximum with extended temperatures, and now we've were given the pot cooking exacerbating the pollution problem. Speaking of X-flares they in all likelihood have an effect on lots more than we might realise. So allow's speak approximately that for a second lets?

3.) X-Flares Occurring and Days of Rage Considered

Not handiest do solar flares and the solar most reason faster polar ice soften troubles and trade the combinations and re-combos of pollutants at the same time as inflicting temperature inversions sporting that pollutions higher and consequently, throughout a more place, but some surmise that it additionally outcomes human conduct, as a minimum social scientists had been attempting to study these correlations even though the statistics is difficult to get ahold of and we're learning increasingly every 12 months approximately such anomalies, or maybe inverse members of the family to sun flares.

On October 23, 2012 there has been an X-1 elegance sun flare, in order to have an effect on the upper surroundings at some point of daylight hours over Asia and Australia. It would certainly be interesting to peer if matters warmness up there in those regions with reference to minor civil unrest, growth in crime, or extra tensions over the territorial waters off the coast of China. We would possibly find a few thrilling things in the news if we had been to put the puzzle portions together? And what of the Middle East at some point of sun flare events - as in what occurs while the Arab Spring, or fall preventing season corresponds to already overblown tensions plus the proverbial spiritual vacations of either facet while sun flares are happening?

Want to test the document and current records and get back to me on that one? The motive I ask is; I became talking to someone from Washington state up inside the Seattle location, a social employee, who indicated to me that her large caseload allowed her to peer the variations of when her purchasers had fits of anger, or challenges with their behavior. I met her within the Starbucks, and he or she proposed that my speculation became actual, and she or he satisfied herself of that reality. I don't accept as true with we've sufficient empirical records or evidence to prove it, but I assume extra studies is wanted. Oh, and speaking of Starbucks and having conversations I suppose the sector has changed a little bit and permit me let you know why;

4.) Are Tablet Sales Helping Retail Sales at Starbucks?

It appears to me that extra human beings come into Starbucks and they may be busy gambling on their iPhone, Android, or pill laptop. They are reading the news and minding their personal business nearly as if they may be ignoring every body else in the place. It was once that people went to coffee shops to have a communicate or discussion, or get social interaction. Today human beings are going and sitting down, plugging into the free outlet and the usage of the free Wi-Fi. They do not appear to be doing numerous talking, albeit some of them get on their cellular phones and disrupt anybody else.

So, is Starbucks the new vicinity to go not to have an highbrow dialogue, but instead to apply your private tech gadgets so you do not must take a seat at domestic and you may be at the move? In other words, is it a destination point aside from in which you stay to get out of the residence and use your non-public technology? Is that helping Starbucks sales? It can be, and that they appear to be catering to that crowd, despite the fact that they're catering to all of us who is available in to buy for dollar cup of espresso I assume.

Indeed, I do not think it's far hurting sales, even though it is tough these days to get a decent communication, thus, it can be proscribing a number of those oldsters from coming in as regularly, however then again many human beings are hooked on caffeine so they are going to move there and take a seat amongst the humans with their pill computers, possibly sharing statistics with them in real-time. I've visible that take place too, in which the debates and discussions are executed in actual time. Where a person will say; "did you pay attention approximately" such and such, and the opposite character will say; "sure" because they simply were given a news alert themselves.

Maybe those pills have become a muse for coffee store discourse? What I'm saying is this, technology is regularly disruptive and it changes the way we assume, and stay our lives. Have you ever questioned what is going to appear when 3-D printers are in each domestic? Let's talk that.

5.) 3-D Printers May Change Our Home Lives

Well, why go shopping at the shop if you can purchase the material you need, and simply print your fixtures, silverware, cups, plates, houseplant pots, figurines, and different domestic decorations? Perhaps tools for the storage, photo frames, and all sorts of other things. That might be my guess, and I believe it truly is taking place inside the future. Once you print some thing, depending at the type of material you operate you may want to warmness it up in an oven, or zap it within the microwave to get the fabric to absolutely fuse together, and harden the cloth so it by no means falls apart.

Does this suggest people might be buying large microwaves, and request large ovens of their domestic? Will this spur on more home appliance income for General Electric and other appliance makers? That would be my bet, and I wonder if Hewlett-Packard knows that future as properly? Maybe they may have six-in-one printers instead of 5-in-one (printer, fax, scanner, etc.) for the future? Likewise, the exceptional of 3-D printer you buy will decide the first-rate of the product you produce whilst you order the digital file with the CADCAM design of precisely what you need.

Indeed, people will be able to inform if you created the item using a wonderful 3-D printer, or a few cheap knockoff emblem. Let's say a figurine is probably judged by way of its fine and by its attention to element. That would not mean you couldn't take and X-Acto knife before you harden it to make sure the details are pristine. You may even determine to color the figurine as a result, portray over any flaws. Then you'll throw it inside the oven, before you placed it on show in your own home. Does this mean that interest craft materials can be a nice region to invest, or will it too be a victim of three-D printing in which humans print the ones components as properly?

In any case, because of this problem of fine and detail we may also have greater of our citizenry going for quality instead of amount. Okay so, which manufactures will be hurt via three-D printing inside the destiny? It ought to cause a horrible task for the transportation industry because they may no longer be delivery products, and it may hurt the economic real property enterprise because large container outlets will now not need to display items anymore, all of us will order it online, even use holographic displays to look the object earlier than they order the record to print it at home.

China could be the massive loser in this due to the fact they accomplish that a good deal in-country production. It could motive 100 million humans to lose their jobs in China as an instance. That will be sufficient to economically implode the usa, inflicting an overthrow of the authorities. Sure, that could be a speculative idea, but now not so out of whack considering human records you spot.

What about vehicle components producers? Many of those jobs have moved to Mexico from the United States, and we have a awesome variety of knockoff automotive components being produced in China. This does an give up run on China and the highbrow belongings and patents robbery, which one may want to say is poetic justice, but we are able to be hurt here at domestic too. We make components for all styles of matters; cars, vans, airplanes, medical gadgets, hardware, and also you call it. That will certainly hurt manufacturing jobs.

Of course, it will spawn a new enterprise of three-D printing material, and it truely already has. There are numerous organizations that suppose they have a lockdown on what kind of cloth could be used in destiny, but I guarantee you that as these three-D printers get higher, and we get better at manipulating molecular assembly, and assimilation, that those pioneers of those three-D printing substances will must live up with the game, or relinquish their marketplace proportion to destiny innovation.

Now then, if oldsters are shopping less at retail shops, in order to have an effect on the retail industry as properly, but people can also be driving less, therefore reducing down on the amount of gas that that use. Still, which means income tax sales for the towns, counties, and states will decline due to the fact they will be buying less fuel, and less matters within the retail save. Also, you may count on that those objects that they print of their very own domestic will price much less than in the event that they purchase them in a store, because the shop has the deliver chain which additionally provides to the cost of the product. Therefore all the matters that they print will in truth be inexpensive for that customer. Lower costs imply lower income tax revenue as a percentage.

Further, it's far the materials which are offered in bulk wherein the client may be spending the maximum cash, just as now human beings can almost get a loose printer, however the huge money is made in the rate of the ink they have to buy to maintain it recharged, just study the prior decade of HP earnings as they are damaged down in their annual shareholder's reviews.

What I'm pronouncing is this can be a paradigm shift and have an effect on every industry unexpectedly. If you watched that future isn't always coming, accept as true with me it's already inside the pipeline and we have already got three-D printers in many excessive colleges throughout the country. Students are becoming the idea of exactly what this technology can do for the future, and they're creating new applications for it.

Anyone who stops and thinks about it can see how it'll affect anything industry they're in - just think about the construction enterprise. If you need extra nails, you don't must move right down to the hardware keep, you just cause them to at the job website. A plumber could no longer want to bring any pipes on his truck, all he'd want to do is take his portable three-D printer, and do a three-D scan of the pipe becoming that broke, after which print it and use it, task done, here's your invoice. No want to run to the hardware store to buy a component, and then come lower back later. He will be a lot more green.

Each entrepreneur in each single enterprise will take into account what they want, and how they can use a three-D printer to solve the ones problems. Once the era exists, and it's far attainable, it will be everywhere. Humans seem to like things, they acquire trinkets, objects, and that they display them in their homes and domiciles. That is human nature. That is how human way of life has evolved in society. It hardly matters which civilization you visit, they all have their knickknacks, statues, and artwork for display. Now they are able to show it all to their heart's content material.

There can be even extra abundance of selections. Perhaps people's homes becomes nearly like museums of their very own interests. Someone who likes aviation might have every model of each aircraft ever constructed all over their home. Maybe this could replace bookshelves because books are all going to be digital. Perhaps you have friends like I do who gather matters. Once they get a keep of a catalog, or go online and spot what is to be had, they will be printing away like mad. Indeed I wager the professional psychiatry and psychology associations will provide you with new mental addiction issues to give an explanation for all this - it's much like hoarding in a way - and we've got all visible the ones loopy TV show examples.

That would not surprise me at all, nor must it wonder you. After all, we now understand that human beings get hooked on video video games, and that our non-public technology are inflicting a loss of attention. Modern era reasons such things, and we should be geared up for the following wave of 3-D printing demanding situations on our society and civilization. Perhaps all this is nothing more than the cutting-edge model of cave artwork. So, has mankind certainly modified all that an awful lot?

Many folks claim that humans are too materialistic in our current society, positive that is genuine sufficient - those same folks will tell us that consumerism has ruined society, okay perhaps to some extent that too might be the case, nonetheless, whilst 3-D printers are in every domestic, permit's just see what all those detractors of human innate traits take place to say when they themselves start printing away!

Tell you what, why not stroll around your private home for 15-mins - proper now and begin writing down all of the things you see, the smaller items possibly beneath 2-foot with the aid of 2-foot. If you'll be aware your private home is filled with such gadgets, just appearance for your kitchen, dwelling room, domestic workplace, bedroom, and your toilets. See what I imply. Nearly all of it is able to be 3-D revealed. Plus, in case you don't like something, shall we say that ugly cable TV field, you may order the e-layout for a fa├žade cover, one which allow in airflow, but one that would permit that cable container to end up a nice form of something you want as an alternative, or the bottom for an object.

Maybe you like version sailing ships from the Spanish Armada? Your cable TV field turns into the bottom of the version ship which covers up the unsightly design and hides it in an artwork form as an instance. Please recognise I just made this up, but it could be some thing you need. Use your creativity, perhaps you can come to be a dressmaker and discover oldsters inclined to shop for your designs for common such things as this on line and also you get hold of a royalty from the net catalog.

Perhaps Amazon will get into the scene, or perhaps this may be a new venue for Google, Microsoft, Apple, HP, or some new first rate begin-up entrepreneur who starts this commercial enterprise out of their dorm room at Harvard and also gets the money connections he needs to nearly unlimited capital to make it occur - after which is going public - reflect onconsideration on how frequently that state of affairs has took place and how it's changed our international for all time - and it hardly has to be Harvard for an surest start-up.

Indeed, I desire you are beginning to see the glimpse into this destiny, the destiny of three-D printing, because like the social networks, Internet, search engines like google, laptop, and cellular tech this modifications everything in every enterprise. The international will by no means be the equal, the cat is out of the box, and it's far alive - and it's been eating catnip, so appearance out.

Okay, properly, my 30-mins of talking are up, and also you don't should listen to me anymore, it's your turn to speak, and as a result, I will open the cellphone traces. If you.


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