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Think Tank and Radio Thoughts on Domestic Technologies for Americans


Welcome to this twenty first day of October, 12-years into the 21st century. I wish thank all my online readers and radio listeners for his ...

Welcome to this twenty first day of October, 12-years into the 21st century. I wish thank all my online readers and radio listeners for his or her persevered assist. For ultra-modern speak I will speak many objects having to do with our era for domestic purposes; amusement, safety, schooling, and personal communique. It all subjects and it's far changing the manner we live, how we suppose, and our course forward into the destiny. Indeed, those are all interrelated topics which should not be always viewed as separate issues in my humble opinion.

Okay so, before we being permit me remind you of the layout here; I speak and also you listen, then it will be your turn to "like" or shout out seasoned or con together with your personal opinion - supplied that your arguments aren't pandering, preaching to the choir or mere talking points of a few precise political persuasion - no want to copy what's been stated some other place - for that is the area of authentic thinking and drilling down into the subject count number which affects us all whether we care to comprehend it or no longer. Fair sufficient? Let's start.

Is The Internet Changing the Way We Use and Buy Dictionaries?

Not long ago, I went to the thrift shops nearby to seek out used books. A pal of mine requested me if I may want to search for a dictionary, some thing he ought to use to turn-thru possibly a hundred and sixty,000 plus words, so no longer a small one, however genuinely no longer a large unabridged version either. Without wondering, I stated, "positive, I'll see what they've," after which departed for my used ebook buying spree for the month. Generally, I discover a dozen or so books to read, frequently nonfiction, however I do like all of us have some fiction collection I like to examine by way of my favorite authors.

Due to all of the new e-books and e-readers, one aspect I've observed is that it is difficult to discover the hardbound books on the used bookstores, or thrift stores earlier than six months after they've been published. Previously it changed into pretty clean to do this, but for the reason that fewer humans are buying hardbound books, and are shopping for e-books instead, they may be now not being offered in the numbers they had been before. It is pretty obvious that a number of the large box shops had been challenged via this, this is to say new ebook income, but it is also affecting the used book marketplace due to the fact humans which have e-books are not allowed to resell them later. Therefore, it is affecting the hand-me-down marketplace.

Now then, whilst I turned into looking for a used dictionary for my buddy I found loads of them, I couldn't trust how many there had been to be had. But on the other hand consider this, increasingly more humans are merely typing a phrase right into a seek engine which automobile corrects spelling, and then lists on-line dictionaries. Since most of the people are on line all of the time, and those who are writing or doing reviews for faculty have the Internet running inside the background together with the Google seek engine, they merely "google it" and so that they not want a dictionary at their desk. This is why everyone has donated them to the used bookstores and/or thrift shops.

Do you recollect while you were in faculty and you had a writing assignment, and in case you requested your trainer what a word changed into, she informed you to "look it up" due to the fact that is what dictionaries are for. Today, kids are the use of pill computers inside the school room for learning, so after they appearance some thing up additionally they look it up on line, and therefore this habit will probable follow them properly into maturity. In any case allow's talk about a number of the era within the classroom and the way that will also have an effect on the way we study, suppose, and remedy problems for ourselves in later existence.

Technology in The Classroom - What About ADD and ADHD?

There was an thrilling article within the technological know-how news from a psychologist focusing on learning disorders, she made a completely thrilling assertion; "whilst videogames do not cause ADD or ADHD, if someone is at the borderline, it is sufficient to push them over the brink," and so, it could be stated for the common Internet surfer that spends best 12 to 15 seconds on average on any website before clicking out, or going to a extraordinary web page - that they're vulnerable to ADD or ADHD?

What we are doing is we are training the eye span, and diminishing the extent of human awareness with all of our technology. If we are to apply the identical technology within the school room studying, that may appease the kids, or keep high schoolers getting to know on-line and doing their assignments perhaps scary their curiosity with novelty, but what about pushing children over the edge in the direction of ADD or ADHD? Do you see that point?

What approximately the demanding situations with human eyesight? Have you ever spent hours operating on a computer assignment, or doing pc work, after which tried to refocus on something some distance away, or something very tiny like analyzing the label on a meals package deal? Have you observed that you cannot do it, and you have to watch for your eyes to readjust? Much similar to strolling into a dark room, it takes a second to readjust.

There are many demanding situations with studying that should do with eyesight, the commonplace ones are; lazy eye and dyslexia, in conjunction with kids who're nearsighted who have trouble seeing the chalkboard or viewing the lecturer - likewise there are youngsters who're farsighted and feature a difficult time studying, they're completely challenged. Not handiest is it embarrassing for them whilst analyzing out loud within the study room, however it often causes them nausea or they get tired effortlessly with a examine for over half-hour, that means it's miles hard for them to get via their schoolwork. Is our generation causing extra of these issues in our faculties?

There is an effect, and that impact would now not be 0, thus, in impact we are experimenting with the subsequent generation of schoolchildren? Surely, all people who make pill computer systems and personal tech devices for education want to push this generation into the lecture room to force income and earnings. Still, will we virtually recognise what we are becoming ourselves into?

Further, if the children can appearance something they need up online, they begin to accept as true with that tool or medium of training generation. We understand what occurs whilst adults begin believing everything they see on TV, or what occurs whilst oldsters of a sure political persuasion start reading only matters which accept as true with them and their cutting-edge POV (point of view) as they end up jaded, and mentally boxed-in of their political opinions.

If people accept as true with what their instructors say, or what they learn in college and there may be a socialist or left-leaning slant, we are able to have greater voters leaning that manner, likewise, if parents accept as true with the Internet, and there's any quantity of filtration of content material at the search engines like google, even by using only one or 2% then it is sufficient to swing an election, and if you swing two or three elections in a row, you will end up with a exceptional u . S . Within the future. People often be aware this problem with the mass media, but have they considered the Internet as it's miles integrated into our schooling machine - we cannot stop the mixing, it is a part of our society, nor need to we, but we need to all be cognizant and question now not most effective authority, but the gadgets which deliver us facts, and the software program and groups behind them - and their agendas, as they're now not ALL simply earnings motivated.

Now then, you could surely see that, proper? Just as TV has modified our society in many methods, maximum of them now not for the better, and it has helped humans right into a bizarre kind of consumerism because of branding, advertising, and advertising. Okay so, permit's get lower back to the political challenges and implications of all this in a couple of minutes, and instead address the demanding situations we've got with e-trade, advertising and marketing, advertising, branding, and perhaps the unethical aspect of it all on line.

Internet Reviews and The Shrill Factory

Currently, we have a large problem with Internet opinions. Unfortunately, if a enterprise gets a terrible assessment, or too many court cases and customers forestall shopping there. They believe what they examine on the Internet, although it turned into written by means of untrustworthy or unknown sources. Many instances it was written by shrills or competition trying to uplift their ratings at the same time as trashing their competitors. Why ought to this wonder everybody?

It happens all the time in the actual international with client corporations, or nonprofit consumer bureaus. It's taking place online, but sadly increasingly more people trust what they read on line, and some human beings even purpose that; it if absolutely everyone likes it, that fact will triumph over the few negatives written with the aid of competitors posting negative remarks. Well, one problem we've got is that there are businesses who will put up superb evaluations on line for a price through the dozen, 100s or maybe 1000's. You see that trouble; k, now returned to the topic of political indoctrination in our schools.

Pre-Indoctrination Before the Vote - Religion and Socialism in Our Schools

For people who are without faith, they duly notice the indoctrination of many global religions in personal non secular colleges, churches, and groups. Folks grow up believing in a sure kind of philosophy, or a positive version of records, even to the point that they select not to observe the fossil record of dinosaurs as it can't likely jive with what they have been informed. Therefore they merely neglect that and keep their equal perspectives.

Those who are religious cannot recognize why anybody who is nonreligious thinks that everything simply was started out with a few massive bang, or why they don't consider in God. In truth many spiritual oldsters want to transform different human beings that allows you to know the fact, even if they themselves can't show it. When asked for evidence they virtually say; it is a rely of religion.

When our schools pick out to take part in pre-indoctrination they must cover up authentic evidence, scientific discovery, and continue to play along with the close minded view of the sector. Is that in reality learning? Is that simply coaching our children to assume? Of direction, there is good sized risk and motive for folks that are religious to keep to pressure their will onto the colleges to hold their numbers and probabilities of our populace to serve their political will.

Indeed, the opposite aspect is simply as horrific, as there are so many left-leaning and socialist views coming out of our excessive colleges and colleges, that the ones graduating with university ranges are two times as apt to vote for the left-leaning schedule, although it is going in opposition to primary economics and unfastened-marketplace capitalism which traditionally has made our u . S . Extraordinary, whereas socialism has destroyed economies, lives, and whole civilizations, forcing them into financial ruin.

Now then, it is splendid to have tablet computer systems and personal tech equipment and it's far possible that they'll accelerate mastering, it also saves trees from being cut down for textbooks I suppose, however despite the fact that any new tool which increases studying, additionally will increase the capacity to indoctrinate our students, kinds, and family contributors, and as a consequence the potential to indoctrinate them quicker. If these tools aren't used inside the incorrect way, they will come to be pushing a political agenda, and causing problems for our nation.

When those tools are integrated into social networks, which I also have my doubts approximately, that is to mention I am unconvinced they're a internet fine for our society, then we ought to have social engineering and peer stress used to indoctrinate our youngsters using these equipment. Thus they may be utilized by both side to pressure their political agenda, even as disguising themselves as brilliant coaching technologies. I suppose other future technology consisting of holographic simulation could be used to tell of historic occasions, in which the kids can see and visualize what passed off, inclusive of George Washington crossing the Delaware, and they may experience as though they were there.

Holographic Simulation Training Strategies a Gargantuan Time and Efficiency Saver

Yes, there can be greater comprehension the use of holographic coaching technology and it'll be easier for the human reminiscence of those children to uptake these statistics of history, but not if we rewrite the history, and show it apart from its reality. After all, they history we examine is generally one model of what passed off, and we do not know for positive due to the fact none of us were there if it came about over a hundred years ago. Nevertheless the youngsters will experience as if they had been there, consequently they're greater apt to agree with whatever is displayed. This will become a great undertaking, and it is too easy for one side or the other to push their political agendas.

Still, I am for holographic simulation training, I do trust these strategies will take us further faster into the future, and boom the rate of gaining knowledge of, that means our youngsters can learn extra in a shorter amount of time with better comprehension. That's a terrific element, however now not if it is misused. Humans have constantly misused the gear they have made, and it's far human nature accountable, but let's now not be so naïve that academic technology will now not be used for the equal.

Rogue regimes and dictators have used indoctrination and so have primary religions within the coaching of youngsters. And like I said, while you upload in a bit bit of peer strain onto the flock, lecture room, troop of squaddies, or populace, it is excellent the harm you can do, if you are not an moral chief, otherwise you do not have the great intentions of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of a positive lifestyles enjoy in thoughts.

Another venture in school is as we train those children and have the technology to screen their progress along the manner, we are also going to use statistics mining to discover the awful apples earlier in their disdain for authority, or for finding anomalies, such as folks that are most acceptable towards the indoctrination, the ones kids who have offered the program hook, line, and sinker that could now be groomed for destiny leadership. That too is a problem. Further, all of this massive statistics, and collection of statistics of the whole lot that everyone does is going to have demanding situations inside the destiny.

Not lengthy in the past, I was discussing all this with an acquaintance, and we cited that each of us has at times view things on the Internet that we didn't believe. My acquaintance had offered a Koran due to the fact he believed he ought to realize what he become speakme about while it got here to Middle Eastern policy. Who could deny that? Myself, I am an aviation buff, and at some stage in the Nazi regime they'd some of the quality aviation technology and rocketry of the time, they were a ways advanced, in fact in the event that they Germany still existed these days stuck returned in that time period, they had nevertheless be one with modern day technology.

But if my friend has libertarian viewpoints and has study the Koran will he end up a false tremendous on a few government watch listing? Just because I like reviewing the aircraft designs of beyond periods, does that make me a neo-Nazi sympathizer? It should not, however it is the concern we are facing with too many fake high quality records triggering activities from synthetic shrewd algorithms which are quite there yet.

Will we be doing the same aspect to our college students the use of educational technology? After all, interest is a good signal of high intelligence, better learning, and of the innovative genius. Something we want in our population to progress as a kingdom as we pass forward with such technologies. Perhaps we could liken this to librarians who're asked to spy on citizens. It simply would not appear proper in a country which prides itself on freedom and liberty.

Just Because You like Something I "Like" Doesn't Mean I like You

Just because you "plus" some thing, or "like" some thing online, would not suggest you certainly find it irresistible or experience it, you might despise it, however you find it exciting, want to bookmark it, and you would like other human beings to recognise what you've got discovered, possibly they might be equally as disgusted. Speaking of which, you could every now and then like one of the subjects I'm speaking approximately, and you could even "like" or "plus" an editorial or , however that does not suggest you would like all that I have to say, or that I like you for that depend.

Also, I'd want to point out that if our children use these educational technologies, at the side of their social networks, that doesn't imply they might not alternate their views inside the future as they learn greater data. Who is aware of, our society may also exchange one day and value matters that today we suppose are atrocious, or matters today we discover atrocious as being precious. Nevertheless their report will continue to be all the time, for his or her whole lives. That's a long time, and the United States has honestly modified inside the closing 80 years, and we want to be careful with this. Our children are not terrorists, and they shouldn't be a part of some massive experiment to help goal character youngsters of their formative years as being complicated within the destiny.

That would not imply we don't want to apply generation to assist us seize real terrorists, it's just that we need to be very careful the criteria we use, the algorithms we write, and the ambitious venture of weeding out fake positives in place of simply putting humans on watch lists for no reason. Just due to the fact something smells fishy, would not mean that individual is a shark out to hurt society. Speaking of the sense of odor, and the future of generation of fragrance, I'd like to convey up another factor;

Using AI Technology Plus Canine Smell for Added Synergy In Catching Illicit Shipments

University Researchers, Tech Companies, and DARPA have made superb progress with electronic sniffing devices in view that Saddam had threatened to apply WMD chemical weapons on US forces, and because 911 and afterwards with the anthrax scares. Still, today we use puppies to sniff out tablets greater regularly than no longer because they're pretty developed to do this. Perhaps, this is probably an interesting paper to read:

"Urban Search and Rescue with Canine Augmentation Technology," by using Alexander Ferworn, Alireza Sadeghian, Kevin Barnum, Hossein Rahnama, Huy Pham, Carl Erickson, Devin Ostrom, Lucia Dell'Agnese

The abstract attached to that paper said;

"The agility, sense of scent, listening to and speed of puppies is placed to appropriate use by way of dedicated dog groups concerned in Search and Rescue operations. In comparison to puppies, humans pay attention much less, can't successfully observe a scent and in fact sluggish the dog down whilst involved in location searches. To mitigate this problem the Network-Centric Applied Research Team has been operating with the Police to enhance SAR puppies with supporting technologies to increase the dog's ability place of operation."

We do recognize that people working with computer systems and era equipment tend to do better than computers with era working alone, or human beings working without equipment. By supplementing the canine with better gear, we are able to trap more of the medicine, arms, and evil doers coming into our country over our borders, thru our ports, at our airports or via rail or underground tunnel.

Maybe, we need to employ the technologies we've and use them to supplement every other after which use all of them together with mankind's satisfactory friend. Does this suggest we are able to one hundred% shield the American People? Unfortunately no longer, however it is a solid line of protection, the rest we must do with hyper vigilance and a sturdy presence of first responders. Who would possibly those first responders be? Yes, permit's communicate approximately that lets?

Should Motorcycle Cops Get Special Forces Training - Yes, and Let Me Explain

There became an thrilling set of articles in our local paper, The Desert Sun (Palm Desert CA), and perhaps you've got visible similar articles on your very own city where bike police officers are getting superior first responder training. Now then, as a former avenue motorcycle motorcycle racer, I can inform you that a motorcycle in heavy traffic absolutely has the first-class risk of being first to any name, perhaps by as tons as 2-three mins depending on the location and hour of the day, for example at some point of rush hour site visitors.

Okay so, now you have got a motorcycle cop there first, possibly it become a mass-shooting, possibly it's miles even nevertheless occurring, and you have one police officer on scene who has to interact the criminals, terrorists, or a shooter on his own till lower back-up arrives, once more as plenty as 2-three mins. What if there are multiple shooters?

This is why they'll want superior tactical schooling, as they may or might not have the advantage of wonder on their side and they need to shield similarly deaths and take out the awful guy(s). That requires speedy wondering, pre-planning, and knowledge to stay alive on an choppy playing discipline wherein the awful guys might have them out gunned, that is taking place an increasing number of due to automated weapons inside the arms of criminals and drug gangs, and some distance too many residents unarmed as a percentage of the populace to defend themselves you see?

Interestingly enough, as I am speakme, today in reality there has been a terrible taking pictures in a completely excellent suburbn location of Milwaukee, Bloomfield WI, wherein a suspect went right into a Day Spa and gunned down 3 people in bloodless blood. What if a visitors cop on a bike receives a call from dispatch like that? He rides up and is right away in a gun-combat? See that factor? Now then, recall some of the other shootings, those at schools, workplaces, movie theaters, and government homes, properly, same problems and identical challenges. It hardly topics if it's miles armed financial institution robbers, gang violence, or a lone-wolf domestic-grown terrorist.

Now then, the factor of all this communique is quite simple. First, we have to not do anything which undermines freedom and liberty, nor ought to we indoctrinate our residents to trust that freedom is some thing it is not, or something they cannot acquire. It is best to get all people on the same web page as religion has inside the beyond to assist arrange society and civilization, however it isn't okay to indoctrinate and field- in the minds of our populace. We maintain declaring that we are hoping to have greater entrepreneurship and innovation inside the future, however we can not probable try this if we indoctrinate our minds into a manner of non-wondering.

Okay so, does this suggest that greater liberty and freedom will open our society as much as capacity assault from terrorists, criminals, or foreign proxy assault under a false flag? Yes, every time you have got absolute freedom, you risk at least a few security. That is why we have to use our belongings wisely, and not blow money on things that do not paintings. If we need more efficiency out of our protection property then we ought to leverage the generation, use it for education, and use generation to our benefit, now not to our drawback.

Well, it's it for me speaking; now it's time for you to name in with your tips, solutions, and brilliant thoughts. If you're viewing this radio transcript on line as an Internet article, then please go away your feedback under. Now then the rules for commentary are pretty simple; you do not should believe me, nor do you need to disagree with me. All you want to do is deliver your mind with you whilst you make a comment and wish to debate one of the subtopics, or have an interesting intellectual idea for our communicate about our development ahead. Please don't forget all this and think on it, the telephone traces are now open;


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Technology news4u: Think Tank and Radio Thoughts on Domestic Technologies for Americans
Think Tank and Radio Thoughts on Domestic Technologies for Americans
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